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Authors/Writers - Duluth Minnesota

The Volatile Comic
by Marvin Pirila

Allan is a volatile person on a good day, but when challenged look out! He's afraid of nothing and quick with his wit -- a dangerous combination for a comic. And if he isn't already a big enough danger to himself, he has fallen in love with a woman chained to the mob. He becomes a comic on the run... 
 The Volatile Comic










Secret Techniques of the Successful Moral Manager


Secret Techniques of the Successful Moral ManagerDescription:

Effective managers know how to maximize the efforts of employees and the means available to them (equipment, processes, etc.). They maintain a long-term vision of the desired direction, while working through day-to-day operations. The greatest common denominator of all great people is their commitment to living a moral, value-based life. Strict morals (honesty, integrity, character, etc.) allow a person to avoid the pitfalls that befall so many men and women. Successful people know that they pay thousands of time for doing immoral things. Your conscience becomes occupied with guilt. Continued denial of wrongdoing furthers your erosion of character. Others can see what you so desperately try to keep hidden and begin to question your character. Strong moral values expand your influence while immorality restricts. Successful individuals program their minds with positive thoughts. Along those lines, we must accept failures as a necessary requirement for success.
Publisher: Marvin D Pirila
Copyright: © 2007 Marvin D Pirila Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United States
Edition: First Edition
Version: 1 Paperback book $14.37
Printed: 181 pages


This is a well written and informative write. I had tried once to be an assistant manager at a store I worked at a few years ago and I crumpled under the pressure. There was hardly any communication between the employees and the boss's and that made for a sort of hostile working inviroment. I moved on after several employees quit and I just didnt wanna deal with it anymore. Anyways back to the review, I think there are alot of helpfull tips in here and it would benefit anyone wanting to be a manager to read this. Well done, great read. Thanx for sharing.


Gorgo Visits Earth

Gorgo Visits Earth

Description:  Gorgo, an unexpected alien visitor, is welcomed into the Banks home. The family is just beginning to readjust to a normal life after Gail, wife and mother of two, recovers from lung cancer treatment. A father struggles to keep the farm afloat while trying to maintain a normal life for his kids. The children are confused and unaware of what is happening around them. While Mr. Banks is kept busy with the daily duties of the farm the girls take Gorgo on various mini-adventures. Gorgo learns from the Earthlings struggle to cope with their dire situation. The girls are happy to have a new friend to show around and to play with. They are especially happy that Gorgo is goofy, yet considerate of their feelings…and he is taken with their honesty, sweetness, and eagerness for fun. Entangled with his own emotion Gorgo enjoys the many adventures around the large farm. There’s nothing he can do except entertain them and entertain them he does…and in the process learning the healing power of laughter.

(43 pages) Paperback:  $7.05 Download

God's Light

"Men are instruments in the hand of God, employed by Him to accomplish His purposes of grace and mercy.  Each has his part to act; to each is granted a measure of light, adapted to the necessities of his time, and sufficient to enable him to perform the work which God has given him to do."  Excerpt from "The Great Controversy Ended...A Glimpse into Eternity"


http://www.PaintingsPrintsAndArts.com/ (famous original paintings & giclee prints by Duluth Artist John Peyton)

http://www.TackleTheOutdoors.com/ (the place to buy all of your fishing & outdoor supplies)

http://www.WisconsinHuntingPreserve.com (the place to book a hunting trip of a lifetime - trophy elk and whitetail deer)

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